Being a unit belonging to Sai Gon Passenger Transport Joint Stock Company. On behalf of the whole country Vietnam joins one of the important bridges of friendship between VIETNAM - CAMBODIA.

In the last years of the 80's, the international railway was officially put into operation under the approval of the Government of Vietnam and the Government of the Royal Cambodian Government and the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City.

Pursuant to Decision No. 24 of the Council of Ministers of Cambodia dated 26 June 1987, the Phnom Penh Passenger Transportation Enterprise was to convene passenger transport with Ho Chi Minh City Car Company (now Joint Stock Company). Xe Sao Sai Gon) Sapaco, with the function of transporting passengers on international routes: Ho Chi Minh - Phnom Penh Capital.

Initially, only Vietnamese experts came to work and the Vietnamese army returned home. The status of roads is degraded, the means is backward.

In the year 2000, continue to sign the agreement and direction for Saigon Passenger Car JSC, in particular Sapaco to carry out new tasks and develop in all fields of transportation and tourism on the route. To create favorable conditions for Vietnamese and Cambodian people as well as international visitors in cultural exchange, economic, trade, study, medical treatment and sightseeing.

The Ho Chi Minh City International Stations - Phnom Penh has been operating for more than 20 years and has been gradually affirmed and developed on the Trans-Asia route.

By the end of September 2006, the border marker was officially recognized by the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Cambodia. At the same time, the traffic announcement was announced through Moc Bai - Bavet border gate.

With years of continuous effort, Sapaco step by step has confirmed the target of the city leaders.

Many international visitors to Phnom Penh - Siemreap, the departure point from Sapaco just 06 hours to Phnom Penh and 10 hours to Siemreap. Water tower pagoda, beautiful, you will be to the Independence Monument, visit the Golden Pagoda - Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace. Moreover, with the Open Bus, Limousine of modern life, modern facilities bring you to visit the world, explore the wonders of the world ANGKOR WAT - ANGKOR THOM, tourist attractions Siemreap province, Cambodian people are proud of themselves. The legendary temple, the mystery was built from the 9th to 12th century. With the hands of sculptors of the Cambodian people at that time, it is very skillful, wonderful ...

Sapaco always affirms the target as well as the top motto for customers, all for customers. As a result, Sapaco constantly improves its services and upgrades the equipment for the trip so that once you come to Sapaco, you will always receive the highest satisfaction, satisfaction and trust.


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