Cambodia has made railway

Cambodia has just launched its first rail transit service from the center of the capital to Phnom Penh International Airport. They call it national pride because of the 100% railway line made by the Cambodians.
At 8am on April 10, a long siren at the Phnom Penh train station signaled to passengers that the first train was running from the center of the capital to the airport.
That's what the Cambodian Phnom Penh Post described as the first rail transit service between the capital city of Phnom Penh and Phnom Penh International Airport just opened in the capital of this pagoda country.
About 50 passengers have queued and wait until the second trip to be put on board. The first train was filled with government officials and the Royal Cambodian Railway Company, including Minister of Public Transport Sun Chanthol, who arrived early in the morning to witness the train's arrival. roll the cake.
This train service is expected to operate every 24 to 30 hours every 20-30 minutes. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Chanthol said the initial service will be provided free of charge and lasts until the end of July -2018.
This is the latest public passenger transport service opened in Cambodia following the launch of a ferry service in Phnom Penh on April 6 and the launch of a train service runs from the border town of Poipet to Serei district. Saphoan district of Banteay Meanchey province on April 4, as well as the expansion of the public bus system in Phnom Penh.
Cambodia's Minister of Transport and Communications Sun Chanthol said the railway linking the capital to Phnom Penh International Airport was entirely Cambodian, and that every Cambodian should be proud of it.

"The 100% railroad built by Cambodians is a national pride," Chanthol announced.
The official said that besides the current two trains, three more high-speed trains will be put into service when the test service ends. Three new trains purchased from Mexico will be lighter than two old trains, with a capacity of up to 56 people sitting and about 45-50 people standing.
The trains will move from the current central Phnom Penh railway station on the main railway line 8.4 km long, then move to the 105 km line along the additional 1.6 km, bringing the total length of travel to 10 km.
Cambodian media said the carriages were clean, with air-conditioners, TVs and comfortable toilets. Many passengers on April 10 stared out the window and also took "self-portrait" shots to capture the moment when they were the first to use the service.
According to the Phnom Penh Post, after 45 minutes of travel, the train will stop at the station and take passengers down, just a few steps from the airport gate. However, according to Chanthol, moving from the center of the capital to the airport by train can take only 22-25 minutes.
"It's very convenient to travel by train because you do not have to worry about traffic jams." It takes about 45 minutes to get from the airport to the city center, if we use a taxi or tuk-tuk, it It may take an hour or more, "said Lee Campbell, an American citizen working in Cambodia.
The Royal Railway, which operates part of the Royal Group, is owned by the powerful businessman Kith Meng. The company plans to start charging for the rail service after July 31, but no specific charge frame has been announced.

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