Have enough 07 experience to not regret traveling Cambodia

1. Angkor Wat: Watch the brilliant orange-yellow streaks dropping down the ancient Angkor Wat towers is an impressive experience, so visitors are fascinated.

2. Explore other magnificent temples: Angkor Wat, of course, should be preferred, but it would be a pity if you missed out on other temples in Cambodia. No need to travel far, you can explore Angkor archaeological park with many ancient monuments by bike or walk. You can admire Angkor Thom with its ancient works, including the Bayon temple and the famous stone faces. Alternatively, you can visit Ta Prohm with the weird roots of Tomb Raider. Further north is Cambodia's Hindu Preah Vihear Temple, located at the top of a 525-meter cliff in the Dangrek Mountains.

3. Try street food in Siem Reap: A variety of exotic and delicious dishes await you here, from fried tarantula sponges, grilled snakeheads to lemon crisps and chili. In addition to the new dishes heard ... the soul, you can try the lort dough with noodles, bean sprouts and chives cooked with beef, add egg fried on the face. Or amok - curry fish coconut milk with lemon juice, chili is enough to warm your stomach.

4. Visit Battambang Bat Cave at sunset: At the end of the afternoon at the foot of Phnom Sampeau Mountain, curious people gathered here to observe a spectacular spectacle. Thousands of bats like "break out" from a cave to start their night hunts. A long black line stretches across the sky, vibrating the sound waves. This giant bat scene occurs around 5:30 pm in the evening, about 15 km southwest of Battambang. Historically, caves in Phnom Sampeau Mountain were once the "dark place" of the Khmer Rouge.

5. Finding out about Cambodian past in museums: Cambodia is a country of cultural origin, rich spirit, deep history and a complex. You can explore the past of this country in museums, such as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, attached to the tragic Khmer Rouge memorial, or the magnificent Cambodian National Museum next to the Royal Palace.

6. "Bamboo Train": It sounds like a joke, but originally, it was a means of transport for the outback inhabitants of Battambang. Despite attracting many tourists, it closed in 2017 before returning to serve the 20 kilometer stretch of the Banan Peninsula.

7. "Slow Life" on Koh Rong: Cambodia also has an island paradise called Koh Rong. Explore the secluded bays, scuba dive the coral reefs, or enjoy a great cocktail in a nightclub, or watch the sun rise over. palm trees at dawn here.














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